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Knitting pattern: Make your own FSFE scarf

Who wouldn't love a warm scarf for cold winter days to keep yourself warm and show your support to free software at the same time? But where can you find that kind of scarf? It's simple: you can knit one yourself!

You need:
5 double pointed knitting needles size 5mm
250 grams black yarn (or other contrasting colour to green), 50g=75m or similar (sample used a bit less than 250 grams of Drops Big Merino in colour 04 black)
100 grams green yarn, 50g=75m or 50g=150-175m held double or similar (sample used less than 100g of Drops Baby Merino held double in colour 31 vibrant green)
yarn needle
crochet hook (size 5mm or bigger)

Sample measures 12cm x 170cm (12cm x 188cm with a fringe)

Cast on 46 stitches using black yarn (do not use anything too stretchy, long tail cast on works well).
You can cast on more stitches for a wider scarf and knit them using black yarn all the way through the scarf. For longer scarf, knit more than amount mentioned in the instructions but try to keep them same to get the symmetric scarf.

Place stitches on 4 needles and join in the round. Be sure not to twist the stitches!

Knit about 9cm, then start working Chart 1. Work Chart 1 twice during on round (chart has 23 stitches described, start from bottom right corner, work each row twice from right to left). Work black stitches (box is one stitch) using black yarn and green in green yarn. Use stranded colourwork and choose whether taking yarn all way around works for you or bringing it back and forth while knitting 5x5 green boxes.

Sample scarf used the method where you keep both colours all the way and sometimes twist them to keep the gauge even.

After completing Chart 1, work 4cm in black yarn, then work Chart 2 (every row of the chart is worked twice again).
After completing Chart 2, work 4cm in black yarn, knit Chart 1 once more.
Work 14cm in black yarn. 
Work Chart 1 but turn chart so the square with the black line in the middle is turned to right (turn the chart 90 degrees anticlockwise).
Work 14cm in black yarn.
Work Chart 1 but turn the chart 90 degrees clockwise.
Work 14cm in black yarn.
Work Chart 1 but turn it 90 degrees anticlocwise (same as 3rd repeat of Chart 
Work 14cm in black yarn
Work Chart 1 but turn it 180 degrees so you work the box with the black line in the middle as the topmost box.
Work 4cm in black yarn.
Work Chart 2 upside down, so turn it 180 degrees and you start from the top of the 'F'.
Work 4cm in black yarn.
Work Chart 1 but turn it 180 degrees so you work the box with the black line in the middle as the topmost box.
Knit 9 cm.

Bind off using your preferable method (again, nothing too stretchy, basic knitted bind off works well).

Now you are done knitting!


For the best result, you should have a damp cotton cloth over your scarf and press hot iron against it for a few(1-2, not more!) seconds so your scarf will look nice and even. Important! Pay attention to press only when the stitches are on the right side, otherwise pattern is not in the middle and not so visible.

For finishing, sew both ends close, if you want to add a fringe, the edge is not so important, if you do not add the fringe, pay attention to sew sides together so sewing is invisible! Pay attention to sew every stitch together with its partner on the other "side" of the scarf! Hide all endings you have visible on the right side.


For a fringe use a piece of cardboard which is about 20cm wide. Wrap the yarn around the cardboard, then cut the wound yarn at the edge of the cardboard so it forms several individual pieces of yarn.
To make one tassel, take 7-9 pieces of yarn (remember to take twice as many if you are using one yarn held double!) and fold them in half together. Push the crochet hook through both sides of scarf in the first row of knitting at one end, loop the folded ends of the yarn around the hook, and pull the yarn loops halfway through the scarf. Remove the hook, pass the cut yarn ends through the loop, and tighten the tassel. You can alternate the tassels or make all in the same colour. Place tassels right next to each other or leave small gaps to even them out nicely.

Now you are done and can show off your fantastic scarf and your 
support to FSFE! Happy knitting!

Pattern by Tuuli Lõhmus

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