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LOT Seminary

Kui liiga palju asju juhtub, ununevad mõned ära.
Eelmisel nädalal sain ma kätte uue pangakaardi, mis tudengikaardina tõendab ka kõrgkoolis õppimist. Kõik oli väga kaunis, kuni ma lugesin kooli nime. LOT Seminary.
Siis tuli uurida, kuhu Swedbank mind õppima on saatnud.
LOT Seminary asub Rootsis, kodulehel kirjutatakse nii:
"Mission Statement
Foundational to the purpose of Livets Ord Theological Seminary is its commitment to the historic Christian faith, to assist students in their quest for knowledge about their relationship to God, man and the universe. The baccalaureate program of the School of Higher Biblical Studies and Missions seeks to equip students with knowledge of the Bible and the Christian heritage and to lead them to the realization that such knowledge, when properly assimilated and developed, permeates and directs all phases of life. The Seminary offers several theological degree programs, including Bachelor of Arts New Testament Major and Master of Divinity."
"Our goal, therefore, is to prepare men and women who know the Bible, who have a deep compassion for people, and who, through their own charismatic experiences, can interpret to the Church and society biblical truth in the light of the present-day movement of the Holy Spirit. In other words, we believe it is not only important to teach and to inform but also to place knowledge as a tool for ministry at the disposal of the Holy Spirit for relevant application in a pioneering environment."
"Student outcomes
1. Adept in communicating faith in the power of the Holy Spirit
Students will grow in their relationship with the Lord, in Biblical faith, in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, in spiritual discipline, and in social skills, so that they can communicate faith in the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Alert in the defence of evangelical faith
Students will be rooted in Christian faith so that they can defend evangelical faith, effectively facing the challenges of modern society, New Age beliefs, and similar systems.

3. Skilled in the scholarly pursuit of truth
Students will expand their capacity to gather, retain, and apply knowledge and truth, using analytical problem solving, critical thinking, and decision-making skills, which they can utilize in their personal and professional lives. They will also be trained in evaluating sources of information and different methods of scholarly research.

4. Equipped to impact the world with the Gospel of Christ
Students will develop their ability to understand and impact the world, from the maturity and integrity to stand up for truth, to the physical discipline and communications skills to make a difference.

5. Understanding of the role of Israel and the Jews in God’s prophetic plan"
Kõlab huvitavalt. Head kooliteed mulle.

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