esmaspäev, 23. november 2009

Laulude sõnu

I'm coming up only to hold you under
I'm coming up only to show you wrong
And to know you is hard and we wonder
To know you all wrong, we were
I took a walk outside to think about my life and what it means
I heard a voice I made a choice I'll be everything I could be
Death said "Ready, you might go, you never know how.."
Upsetting I know, I'm here to let you down
Something's waiting for you around the corner it's true..
Death said "You might go, you never know who..."
I wasted time, I faced my crime, I went too long not caring
The oxygen I'm taking in, I'm taking seriously
Imagine if we never lied
Imagine if we never tried
To be something we're not

We forgot how it feels
To be tight
To be close
To be real
And I miss you
And I wish you were here
I stopped breathing
When you said you don't care anymore
So is it goodbye?
Is it time to set you free?
Is it time to let it fly?
Is it time to let it bleed
You're gonna find someone new
I really hope you do
'Cause I love you
And the sun will come on thru,
It's gonna shine for you
'Cause I adore you

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